From a Life of Suits to Custom T-Shirts, Entrepreneur Keeps Community Smiling

From a Life of Suits to Custom T-Shirts, Entrepreneur Keeps Community Smiling

After 27 years of running from plane to plane, moving through five different major corporations and six different cities in roles including Vice President Human Resources, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Region Vice President, Executive Vice President, President and CEO, Tim Campbell decided he had enough of the corporate world. Today, he is the owner of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Cumming Georgia, a garment customizing service.

Tim’s dream had long been to own his own business, put down roots in a community and spend more time with his family, but he knew it was time for a change when his oldest child started high school. So he began to search for a way to revitalize his lifestyle and start having some fun. Working for someone else from an early age, it took some courage to move away from the security of a regular paycheck into business ownership.

“I lived in six different cities and I traveled so much I didn’t know the street names I drove on around my own house,” said Campbell. “The corporate world has changed a great deal in the past 25 years and it frankly just got old. I wanted to be at my kid’s games. I wanted to be involved in my community. I spent my life in suits on planes or in arduous meetings and I was ready to have some fun.”

Becoming a business owner had been an ambition of Campbell’s for a while, yet it was a scary step to go from the familiarity of his corporate positions into the unknown. A former co-worker of Campbell suggested he speak with Julie Denise, a franchise consultant with FranNet of Atlanta. Julie works with individuals considering business ownership to fulfill their goals and needs.

FranNet’s scientifically constructed process starts with the individual’s Personal Franchise Assessment (PFA). This in-depth behavioral assessment tool focuses on several aspects, some being the behavior profile, risk tolerance, communication style and financial background. These attributes, combined with FranNet’s expertise, help pinpoint the best franchise opportunities for the individual.

"Julie took us through the PFA and really helped confirm what we already knew. We looked at other franchises, but there was a Big Frog for sale in the area and it matched exactly our profile of having huge upside potential, a way to meet and get to know people in the community and have a vocation that we look forward to getting up for in the morning: in a word FUN."

While there has been a great deal of positive growth, the first year was not without its challenges. The business of garment customizing is competitive and Campbell’s business has competition not only locally but nationally as well.

“Sometimes it feels like everyone has screen print operation or embroidery machine in their basement,” said Campbell. “And more and more large garment distributors and huge internet sports and promotional item businesses offer custom decoration services. But since we operate a local retail storefront you can come in and work personally with a graphic designer free of charge, touch and feel our products and know exactly what you are getting. And if there is a mistake, we fix it. Period. We place huge emphasis on our customer satisfaction scores and guarantee our work which sets us apart from many smaller operators who do some form of garment customizing as a part-time job.“

Entrepreneur Keeps Community SmilingCampbell feels the ability to offer local personalized service, industry leading turn-around times, extraordinary customer service backed by a guarantee and “fun” are the distinguishing attributes of his value proposition to his customers. The business has also given Tim the ability to express his creativity on a daily basis and become involved with the community while sleeping in his own bed at night and attending his active kid’s games.  “I enjoy the involvement with the community and the fun surrounding this franchise. I am happy to be part of projects that mean something.”  

Campbell has since opened a second store, which is breaking company records for a new location. Tim looks forward to continued positive growth while enjoying the lifestyle that business ownership allows.

About Julie Denise, Franchise Consultant at FranNet of Atlanta

Julie Denise decided to take control of her career after living through two major career transitions. The first was prompted by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, where she worked for 25 years. The other was a few years later at another giant bank where the corporate culture was not a fit. Julie realized she was in an industry rut and she longed to be her own boss, control her own schedule, and make a positive impact on her community.

That’s when Julie met her own FranNet advisor, who is now her business partner. Together they explored the available options for Julie’s skill sets and goals. She chose FranNet and now helps others take the same journey. Julie believes it is of utmost importance to find a business that fits your skills, talents, budget and goals. Julie volunteers at a number of career transition groups around Atlanta, she is also a certified SCORE mentor volunteering to assist business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs utilize the resources available through SCORE, which is part of the SBA.

To connect with Julie, please click here or call her at 678-249-9867.

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