Family Business Ownership Through Franchising...

Is So Much More Than Just French Fries!

I'm Leslie Kuban and my family’s entrepreneurial story is a real-life example of how business ownership through franchising allows for a life of freedom, flexibility and enjoyment. That’s why I was thrilled when asked to share our journey in a chapter of a new collaborative book about franchising called More Than Just French Fries, available on

My chapter, titled Family Ties, begins with a fond childhood memory of setting up a store in our living room and negotiating pricing with my Dad. It was never anyone's plan or intention for me to follow his footsteps in business and franchising. Regardless, I am forever grateful to him and my mother for paving the way.

In essence, Family Ties aims to educate future entrepreneurs on modern multigenerational business ownership, the advantages, inevitable struggles and how much fun it can be.

I hope you’ll fill out the form on this page and enjoy your free download of my chapter. When you’re ready to talk about your family business ownership dreams, contact me directly

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