Overcoming Fear When Starting a Business - Podcast

Overcoming Fear When Starting a Business - Podcast
Overcoming Fear When Starting a Business - Podcast

Stepping into something that's unfamiliar when you don't know the outcome is naturally going to be is scary. In this "Tutor Doctor in the House" podcast, FranNet's Leslie Kuban discusses overcoming fear when starting your own business. 

As a multi-brand franchise owner herself, Leslie admits to having numerous points of fear over the years, but has come to understand, "you're going to stay in the same place or you're going to grow." 

It comes down to overcoming your fear of failure. One way to think about is to accept that we're all going to make mistakes when learning a new business. No one walks in having all the skills needed to run the business. There's a learning curve along the way, but accepting that there will be some minor failures will take some of the edge off.  When people focus their efforts on finding business opportunities on leveraging the skills they already have and learning the skills they need, a greater comfort level can be achieved. 

There will be natural fear in the journey to start something new, but often there's something wonderful on the other side of the decision to start.

Click below to listen to the full podcast and reach out to Leslie directly at lkuban@frannet.com to explore the possibilities. 

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