77% of Georgia Voters View Family Owned Franchises as Totally Favorable

Georgians Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of Family Owned Franchises
Georgians Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of Family Owned Franchises

Looking for some good polling news during this election cycle?  If you’re exploring the idea of franchising as a means to business ownership, look no further.

Whether you are exploring franchise opportunities as part of a lifelong goal to own your own business or you're investigating new avenues during a career change, chances are you’re interested in crunching some numbers.  What are the success rates of franchises?  What are the top franchises?  What's the public perception of family franchise businesses?  Our friends at the International Franchise Association (IFA) have you covered.

Did you know franchising has created 953K jobs in Georgia? *
* Based on 2007 Franchise Data

According to a Morning Consult survey of 10,000 voters released this summer, Americans across the board have a favorable view of franchise businesses. What’s more interesting is that this perception crosses all lines of demographics including party affiliation, age, gender and race.

Among Georgia voters, the number is slightly higher than the national average, so what are you waiting for?  You have questions?  Let's find the answers together. Contact us today to begin the process of exploring whether franchise ownership is right for you.


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