Franchise Impact on the U.S. Economy Undeniable

Franchise Impact on the U.S. Economy Undeniable
Franchise Impact on the U.S. Economy Undeniable

Want to add the title "jobs creator" to your resume?   A franchised business might just be the answer for you!  If you've ever wondered about the impact of franchised businesses on jobs and the U.S. economy, this report has all the data you need.  It's called the Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses, Vol. IV, Sept. 2016

Highlights from the report include statistics on employment generated by franchising, which according to the report is, "at least 10% of a State’s private sector workforce in 33 States and is at least 6% of private non-farm employment in every state except the District of Columbia." In Georgia, it’s a little over 11%.

The study shows the total franchise establishments, jobs, output and GDP and the economic contributions of franchising to the U.S. and includes statistics on the direct and indirect economic impact of franchising on our economy.  For more on the impact of franchise businesses in your State, please visit

About the report released in September 2016, IFA President and CEO, Robert Cresanti said, “The study illustrates that franchise businesses are a critical component of the U.S. economy, fostering entrepreneurship by empowering local, independent and diverse small business owners who are creating jobs in many business sectors.”

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