Experts Predict Pokémon Craze Could Impact Retail Franchise Sales

Is Pokémon Go Driving Retail Franchise Traffic?
Is Pokémon Go Driving Retail Franchise Traffic?

Since its launch on July 6, 2016, it's almost impossibly to escape news on the craze of the virtual mobile scavenger hunt game Pokémon Go. You may have even seen them around, children and adults of all ages seemingly glued to their smartphones in frantic searches throughout public places for the more than 700 different Pokémon characters.

The Washington Post called it a “national sensation” and the retail franchise world is taking note. Franchise Times reported this week that franchise giant McDonalds became the first business to establish a partnership with the app and plans to expand the partnership globally.

Retail franchises relying heavily on foot traffic to drive profits and this Pokémon frenzy could very well impact retail sales in a positive way.  So stay connected with Atlanta Franchise Experts on Facebook for more breaking franchise news.

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