Top 3 Myths of Home Based Businesses

There are many reasons why a home based franchise business is attractive for prospective business owners. Some of the common reasons are lower startup costs, a quicker runway to profitability and a slew of lifestyle drivers such as flexibility in schedules and less time on the road. During this brief interview, Leslie explains why the fantasy does not always match the reality

The first myth has to do with the idea most people have that home based business ownership means you'll be home all the time.  The reality is you'll be on the move.  Owning a home based business is not the same as working a job from home.  To grow the business, owners need to be out and about, wearing their salesman's hat and making connections to drum up business.

The second myth is, your work-life balance will immediately improve.  It might, but you'll need to work to achieve it.  There will be an adjustment phase, so Leslie suggests setting some basic but important rules of engagement around the home when work needs to be done. 

Finally,  many growing successful businesses begin at home, but if they really want to scale the business, they will eventually need a central location. As staff is added, the team will need a place to collaborate and meet with each other, clients, partners and vendors.  

Leslie also shares information about different types of home-based franchise opportunities such as in-home tutoring and business to business consulting.  If you're interested in learning more about home based or other franchise opportunities in Atlanta or across Georgia, contact Frannet of Atlanta today to get started.