How to Achieve Harmony in a Family Business

Is family business making a comeback?  

Listen to this Dana Barrett Radio Show segment to hear Atlanta franchise expert Leslie Kuban discuss current trends in family business. Most business owners recognize when you have a family and you have a business, you have a family business, so how can you avoid the common pitfalls and improve your chances of becoming the next family business success story.  

"Take the time to sit down together as a family before opening the doors".  Leslie should know, she's been in a thriving family business partnership with her Dad, Phil Kuban, since 1999.  The Kubans suggest clearly spelling out the various roles for everyone involved based on their complimentary skills and consider creating an outside board of advisors made up of non-family members to help with some of the highly emotional decisions all business owners face. 

Leslie provides some clear and actionable steps for creating family business harmony that leads to a healthy, successful and profitable business experience and if you've been kicking around the idea of doing business with family, start by downloading our Road Map to Success e-book and get started today!