Mother-Son Duo Discover Formula for Franchising Success

In this video series, Leslie Kuban interviews franchise owners Fran and Michael. Join us to find out why they decided to take a nontraditional route to economic security through franchising.

In this first video, Fran and Michael Rickard talk about securing their future through business ownership.  They saw an opportunity to come together as a team when Fran found herself taking an early retirement package while Michael was just starting a new job search.  "It was probably less risky to work for myself", said Michael. 

Fran and Michael Rickard, a dynamic mother-son duo who are co-owners of the garment customization franchise Big Frog, discuss the challenges and benefits to starting your own business with a family member.  Fran suggests going into the business with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. 

When deciding on a business, Fran and Michael vetted six franchises and weighed investment vs. risk vs. potential profit before coming to a decision.  They found a brick and mortar franchise they could afford by thoroughly researching funding strategies. You may think you can’t afford to open a franchise business; it just takes due diligence to see what options best work for your situation. 

Self-motivation, flexible hours and a better balance all contribute to an improved quality of life for franchise owners Fran and Michael Rickard of Big Frog in Marietta.  "The benefit comes directly to us for all the hard work we put into the business...makes a difference in how you feel about the work you're doing", says Fran. 

When Fran and Michael, the mother-and-son duo behind Big Frog garment customization in Marietta, learned about the risks and “worst case scenarios” involved with opening up a franchise, it became clear the riskier move would be not to open one. Michael was set on entrepreneurship before he even graduated from college and when he did, he was ready to chase his dream. 

When franchise owners Fran and Michael Rickard were searching for the right franchise to invest in, the traditional route of vetting franchises on their own wasn’t working. After actively pursuing one franchise and coming up disappointed, the duo backed out and turned to FranNet for assistance sorting through the clutter.

Leslie Kuban

This Video by: Leslie Kuban

"My personal experience as a franchise owner gives me the perspective to help my clients assess their real opportunities, risks, and timing to make sound decisions."

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