Former Sales Executive Turned Business Owner Talks Franchising


Former Sales Executive, Don Neder shares his experience exploring franchising and his start to owning his own business.

Franchise owner Don Neder of Speedpro Imaging discusses the affordability of franchising with franchise consultant Leslie Kuban.  After evaluating the startup costs and the franchise fee, Don decided to utilize his retirement fund to create a new fund and establish SpeedPro Imaging. The money was accessible, didn’t come with a cost or hurt his bottom line and was a way to invest in himself.

Franchise Owner Don Neder discusses mitigating the risks of franchising. Rather than focusing on the possibility of failing, Don moved forward with his entrepreneurship. Armed with confidence and FranNet’s franchise recommendations, Don opened SpeedPro Imaging in Norcross, Georgia.

SpeedPro Imaging's Don Neder joins FranNet's Leslie Kuban to discuss how to know when it's the right time to open a franchise. Neder took three months to investigate different franchise opportunities presented by FranNet of Atlanta before choosing SpeedPro Imaging, the franchise that best fit his personal and professional goals.

Leslie Kuban of FranNet talks with Don Neder, owner of a SpeedPro franchise, about the quality of life of a franchise owner. Being his own boss means Don can schedule around his kids' activities and the things he likes to do outside of work.