After 30+ Years in Corporate America, Julie Denise Wanted to Own her Own Business

Megan McClain, host of FranNet’s "Rise Up, Wise Up" podcast, chats with Atlanta franchise consultant Julie Denise. Julie came to business ownership in much the same way as many of her current clients. She describes being “smack in the middle of a career transition” when she first met her now partner Leslie Kuban. Julie knew she wanted to be in business for herself at some point, so she used the downtime to find out if franchise ownership might be her next path.    

Just when she was beginning to explore a career as her own boss, she landed a corporate position with another financial institution and headed back to corporate. She soon found out it just wasn’t the right fit, so she pivoted back around and decided to join the FranNet Atlanta team as a franchise consultant.

Her 30 + years of capital market and financial service experience help Julie relates well to those at a crossroads and are seeking to become a small business owner after a career in corporate America. “Becoming a FranNet Consultant was the best choice for me to be able to control my time and my own destiny”, says Julie.

In this interview, Julie explores the reasons why people coming from corporate America are particularly successful as franchise owners. She also offers advice to the highly entrepreneurial millennials who are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into franchise ownership with an open mid.

Julie loves living and working in Atlanta,” it’s a vibrant place with lots of different business districts”. Having her business in Atlanta helps Julie to keep keenly aware of the top franchise opportunities in the local market.

Take a minute to listen to Julie's interview, check out a few of her client success stories, connect with her on LinkedIn or just give her a call at 678-249-9867.