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Becoming your own boss through franchise ownership is an exciting and rewarding career path. But with over 3,500 franchise brands to choose from, how do you find the right one for you?

This is where FranNet of Atlanta comes in. We work to understand you first to then pinpoint the specific franchises opportunities that best fulfill your lifestyle and financial goals, career aspirations, and leverage your skills and talents.

STEP 1: Evaluate Your Needs

It starts with a conversation. One of our team members will contact you for a brief introductory conversation, we want to learn a little bit about your current situation and what information you are seeking at this time.  From there, we will help guide you as to your logical next steps.  We may suggest attending one of our educational events or to view our online Straight Talk About Franchising Video series.

If you are ready, we will likely ask you to complete a Personal Franchise Assessment and schedule a time to meet face-to-face with one of our local consultants.  

STEP 2: Develop Your Search Strategy

Working through the decision to go into business for yourself is a big step and deserves attention in a private and professional environment. We encourage you to meet with us face-to-face to review your Personal Franchise Assessment and take a more in depth look at your goals.

The business model we formulate throughout this consultation will be uniquely yours and clearly articulates the goals and preferences you determine to be critical in choosing a franchise opportunity. We take into consideration your preferred geography, your family situation, your desired role in the business, your comfort level for financing and and your timeline. Once you are satisfied that we have identified your model correctly, we'll be ready to pinpoint the businesses that structurally and strategically match your model.

STEP 3: Identify Your Best Opportunities

If you're ready to find your right business, we identify the span of franchise businesses that best match your unique requirements that you'll be excited to learn more about. Since 1999, our Atlanta consulting team has advised hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and hundreds of franchise brands across a wide spectrum of industries. We leverage our ability to recognize winning franchise opportunities to ensure you are choosing a franchise business with a successful future that's an excellent fit for you.

At FranNet of Atlanta, our finger is always on the pulse of the local opportunity landscape. We help you learn about compelling opportunities before the general public does and what's most exciting is many of our clients are surprised and delighted by the number of different options that prove to be a great fit. Keep in mind, we also handle existing businesses for sale and can discuss these options as well.

STEP 4. Conduct Your Research

If our consultants help you say yes to a franchise opportunity, we want to ensure you are moving forward with eyes wide open. We guide you through every step of a complete and thorough investigation of each franchise business candidate. You'll be provided with a comprehensive set of questions, research tools and resources to help you make well informed decisions with confidence.

Along the way, many clients ask for referrals to other needed advisors such as attorneys with franchise expertise, CPAs, financing and insurance providers. At FranNet of Atlanta, we have a deep local network of knowledgeable professionals in all these areas and we make these vital connections for our clients.

STEP 5: Launch Your Business

At FranNet of Atlanta, we enjoy long term relationships with our clients. Once you've launched your business, we want to see you succeed and remain connected with you as trusted advisors. Remember, we're your neighbors. We enjoy being your customer and referring customers to you. We also value your experiences and insight moving forward as we continue to help future entrepreneurs succeed in franchise ownership.

Because we are franchise owners too, we understand every aspect of the business ownership life cycle from startup, scaling, and ultimately exiting and moving on to the next chapter. One day you may want to sell your business for a handsome profit or pass it on to a family member and retire; we are poised to help you full circle.


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