Sub Shop Franchises

Here is an interesting statistic for sub sandwich franchises to get your investigative motor running: Do you know how many sandwiches are eaten every day? Would it surprise you to know that the answer is approximately the same number as the population of the United States? That is 300 million sandwiches a day for roughly 300 million U.S. residents. Now there’s a ratio you can get behind!

There are several great franchises to choose from when it comes to healthy and fast sandwich fare. Sub franchises tend to do quite well, primarily based on the demand factor alone.

In today’s busy world, many people only have the time for a quick lunch or dinner. And a sub franchise in the right location can become a booming business in your community. Do right by the sub sandwich inventor, John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich and investigate a sub franchise of your own today.

Our consultants will help entrepreneurs focus on the right opportunity and solution at the local market level. FranNet’s consultants are highly trained, skilled and experienced in guiding you through the research process. And we’re prepared to discuss your financing options as well.

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