Gym Franchises

Watch any news program, read article after article or just talk to your friends and family—health and wellness have never been more popular in the United States than they are today. Increasing numbers of people are making the decision to live healthier lifestyles, and they’re reaping the benefits for doing so. The time has never been better to consider a gym franchise.

Because of this upswing in popularity, gyms get crowded. The expansion of the health club industry is a known quantity, as more and more outlets are being created to handle the influx. Need more convincing about a target market? Studies show that roughly 15 percent of the population own gym memberships—leaving plenty of fertile ground for new customers.

While the gym industry continues to bring in billions in revenue today, this is a trend that won’t slow down anytime soon. If you’re into fitness and healthy living, perhaps it’s time you spoke with a FranNet consultant about finding a gym franchise of your own. A passion for health and wellness today can become your own “fit and trim” small business tomorrow.

Our consultants will help entrepreneurs focus on the right opportunity and solution at the local market level. FranNet’s consultants are highly trained, skilled and experienced in guiding you through the research process. And we’re prepared to discuss your financing options as well.

At FranNet, our goal is not to convince you that franchise ownership and new business opportunities are the right thing for you. However, we have extensive experience helping people through the various decision-making processes that may lead them to franchise ownership. A franchise is a strategy for gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We look forward to helping you through this process and assisting you in achieving your career goals. No matter what you choose, we are here for you!

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