Commercial Cleaning Franchises

As the economy continues to recover, a strong need for well-operated commercial cleaning services is rising alongside. Think of the amount of office space in the area you live. Now imagine this—somebody has the contract to clean that space on a regular basis. Why not investigate your potential by looking into a commercial cleaning franchise?

Companies simply wouldn’t be able to do the amount of business they do without a clean and attractive office. Commercial cleaning can make the critical difference between repeat customer business and those who might choose never to return. According to a recent study conducted by IBIS World, commercial cleaning as an industry accounts for over $52 billion in revenue each year. Growth is expected to approach 2.6 percent by the end of 2014, and only 10 percent of this stated commercial cleaning is handled by the four top players in the industry. That’s a lot of room for a new franchisee with the right initiative.

If you have an innate understanding of office environments and what it takes to keep a presentable environment available to the consumer public, perhaps now is the time to speak with your FranNet consultant about the commercial cleaning franchise opportunities available in your area.

Our consultants help entrepreneurs focus on the right opportunity and solution at the local market level. FranNet’s consultants are highly trained, skilled and experienced in guiding you through the research process. And we’re prepared to discuss your financing options as well.

At FranNet, our goal is not to convince you that franchise ownership and new business opportunities are the right thing for you. However, we have extensive experience helping people through the various decision-making processes that may lead them to franchise ownership. A franchise is a strategy for gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We look forward to helping you through this process and assisting you in achieving your career goals. No matter what you choose, we are here for you!

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