Polly S.

Polly S.

What a pleasure to work with Leslie Kuban! While searching for a challenging post-retirement opportunity after 20 years in the corporate world, I reached out to Leslie due to her proven success in helping others match their talents, interests, leadership approach, and investment strategy to business concepts in the vast world of modern franchising.

Leslie led me through a thorough identification process to find and analyze my values and motives, work and leadership styles, core competencies, and types of businesses that might be a great motivational and financial fit for me. From Day 1 of self-discovery through signing day and beyond for my new business, she provided valuable coaching tailor-made for me, always making me feel she was as invested in me and my success as I was in the process under her care.

Self-discovery tools and identification processes are plentiful in the franchise consulting industry. What's not ubiquitous are truly trusted advisors that make time to deeply understand and guide their clients through what can be a daunting exercise--shedding a corporate cloak and embracing one's authentic self in a brand-new role as business owner. Leslie is such a partner.

To anyone wishing to explore yourself and the franchise landscape more closely, I can’t recommend Leslie enough. Have a conversation with her. You’ll be grateful you did! 

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