Atlanta Franchise Buyers Year in Review 2017

Atlanta Franchise Buyers Year in Review 2017
Atlanta Franchise Buyers Year in Review 2017

In terms of both volume and diversity, 2017 was the most successful year to-date in the history of FranNet of Atlanta! This remarkable growth is attributed to those seeking to achieve their personal and professional goals through franchise ownership.

Will 2018 be the year you launch your career as a business owner? As you read this retrospectively, perhaps you’ll see yourself in the backgrounds and motivations of the new 2017 entrepreneurs who discovered franchising as a means to pursue their goals, dreams and passions.

Where did they come from?
Transitioning from employee to employer takes confidence. Many people find franchising to be the perfect hybrid between the structure of the corporate environment and true entrepreneurialism. The career backgrounds of our 2017 buyers were as diverse as the franchises they chose:

  • HR Executive - Home Depot
  • Vice President - IHG
  • Accounting Manager - Delta Airlines
  • Operations Director - AT&T
  • Business Manager - Cox Communications
  • Vice President - Coca Cola
  • Client Leader - IBM
  • Vice President - SunTrust
  • Supply Chain Manager - UPS
  • Director - Turner Broadcasting
  • Grant Specialist - U.S. Federal Government
  • Financial Analyst - Morgan Stanley 
Where are they now?
It may surprise you to know that virtually all of our franchise buyers started their businesses in new arenas unrelated to the industries listed on their resumes. The prescription for success in your own franchise business begins with the skills and drive you bring to the table. Chief among the franchises our buyers chose in 2017 were:

  • Boutique Fitness
  • Custom Commercial and Home Flooring
  • Health Spa Services
  • Specialty Pet Products
  • Branded Apparel and Printing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Hospitality Management Staffing
  • Value Haircare
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Hair Salon for Kids
  • Education and Child Enrichment
  • Rental Real Estate
  • Coffee and Tea Cafe
  • Beauty Services 
What’s their “why?”
The journey begins with defining your “why.” Franchise ownership candidates often seek the freedom to make their own decisions and the flexibility to control their destiny.Of course, reaping the lion’s share of the rewards of your hard work is also a major bonus. So, why did so many invest in themselves through a franchise business in 2017? Here’s a list of the most common drivers...
  • Call the Shots
  • Construct a Balance
  • Create Jobs
  • Cultivate your Community
  • Cut the Commute 
What’s in store for 2018?
We’ll never claim to have a crystal ball, but we know one thing that’s always in short supply: it’s your time. That’s just one reason we really like opportunities in service - businesses that provide time-saving solutions for busy families and professionals, dual working parents, the exploding aging population and everyone in between.

Speaking of millennials, multi-generational franchise ownership shows no sign of slowing down. It embodies the parent transitioning from a successful corporate career partnering up with an energetic, entrepreneurial-minded, grown child or children. That’s exactly how I got started in my first franchise. One key driver for the parents is likely the shift many traditional employers are making toward a contingent workforce. SCORE recently reported that one-time project or “gig” workers increased by 37% last year. We will examine the impact of this trend in an upcoming article.

For those yearning to take charge of their careers and their destinies, 2017 was an incredible year of opportunity. Will you explore what business ownership can do for you, your family and your career in 2018?

FranNet franchise consulting services are of no cost to you. So let’s get started on achieving your 2018 goals today! Contact me directly at 770-579-3726 or

Leslie Kuban is a nationally recognized franchise industry expert, CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) and owner of FranNet in Atlanta; a locally owned and operated franchise consulting firm. Kuban and her team offer more than 60 years of combined industry expertise and her personal experience as a franchise owner provides a unique perspective to help her clients assess their real opportunities, risks and timing to make sound decisions. Kuban is a guest lecturer for the MBA and EMBA programs at Emory, Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State and a founding member of the Georgia State University Franchise Entrepreneurship Advisory Board.

Recently, Kuban added Amazon bestselling author to her list of accomplishments when she joined a collection of business notables to co-author More Than Just French Fries - a collaborative work on successful business ownership through franchising. Learn more by plugging onto the video series on choosing the franchise that's perfect for you and reach out today!


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